About Us

1. Ingredients
2. Packaging. Friendly to earth with a little bit of Sass, 
3. Having fun, creating fun, and being fun!
So you ask...Why Bar? – Its Fun, Flirty, and Fresh!  A “Cocktail for your skin” is how we describe our full body line with few exceptional products for your eyes and lips.From Lemon Drop Splash whipped body lotion, Blu Kamikaze body scrub to Mimi Mimosa bath bubbles, each product has its own unique personality with different textures, fragrances, and ingredients.  BAR products are 100% vegan infused with organic fruits and vegetables bottled in our Eco-friendly jars & bottles…so all you have to do is simply put it on and feel gorgeous! 
Why have the fun stop with drinks at the resort bar? Continue the fun with BAR signature spa treatments, such as “The Peach Skinny Dip” scrub! With our irresistible BAR retail products, from “Coconut Colada Scrub” to our “Minty Margarita” bath salts, your clients will definitely keep their BAR tab open!